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THE AMAZING! Turbine Soot Master
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Aviation's # 1 Carbon Soot Cleaner & De-greaser

Do you need a non-corrosive soot remover and de-greaser that you can use without water?  Turbine Soot Master is the answer you have been looking for.

***Remove Turbine Exhaust in less time!!!***

  • Dissolves Exhaust Carbon Instantly
  • Dissolves grease & oil
  • Safe to use on all metal and painted surfaces
  • Non-corrosive
  • Spray on and Wipe off
  • Rinse Free
  • Minimal effort required
  • No harsh fumes!

Spray and wipe solution!  For tougher stains spray on and let sit for one minute before wiping. 

  Great product as well for aircraft belly wash with heavy soot and grease build up!  No heavy fumes non-corrosive and safe on paint!  Follow up with REAL CLEAN - Streamline Speedwax after using on painted surfaces to restore luster and protect paint from harmful UV rays which cause oxidation-




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