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Turboprop Cleaning Set

Turboprop Cleaning Set
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Set Includes our New Stax Polishing Kit & 32 oz of Turbine Soot Master

If you operate a Turboprop aircraft, like a TBM, King Air, PC 12, Caravan or M600.. there are a few products you should have on hand.  Our Turboprop Kit has both !

#1 - Turbine Soot Master - easily remove carbon soot and grease. No water needed.
#2 - New Stax Exhaust Polishing Kit- Don't remove stacks for a mirror finish. Our 2 step kit has all you need.

Purchase our Turboprop Cleaning set and save over $10 !


NewStaX is Aviation's first & only in Field Exhaust Stacks Cleaning/Polishing System!

  • Step 1 -CLEAN-Remove Heat Staining and Dark Spots!!!
  • Step 2-POLISH-Restore Stacks to Factory Mirror finish!!!
  • No need to remove stacks-New Stax can be used while the stacks are ON the aircraft! 
  • Professional grade finish without the high cost of sending stacks to the manufacturer

    Safety Data Sheet - SDS


    The Amazing Turbine Soot Master is Aviation's # 1 Carbon Soot Cleaner & De-greaser

    Do you need a non-corrosive soot remover and de-greaser that you can use without water?  Turbine Soot Master is the answer you have been looking for.

    *Remove Turbine Exhaust in LESS time!

    • Boeing D6-17487 Certified
      • Certification includes Corrosion, Acrylic Crazing,  Paint softening and Hydrogen Embitterment
    • Dissolves exhaust carbon, grease & oil instantly without harming metal or painted surfaces
    • Non-corrosive
    • Rinse Free- just Spray on and Wipe off
    • Minimal effort required
    • No harsh fumes!

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