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NewStax Metal Polish - Real Clean Products

NewStax Metal Polish

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NewStax Metal Polish is the 2nd step in the revitalization process, (after prepping the surface with New Stax Metal Prep stain remover) which polishes the exhaust stacks to a professional grade, mirror finish.

  • Non-abrasive- does not contain grinding compounds 
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe for all Metal Surfaces
  • No need to remove stacks-this 2 step system can be used while the stacks are ON the aircraft

To use: Apply liberal amount of polish to cushioned microfiber applicator. Using circular motion, apply to the surface of the exhaust stack. Small sections are recommended to avoid contact with other parts of the aircraft. Then, polish by hand using terry cloth or use orbital machine with terry cloth bonnet or foam pad. Wipe down newly polished surface with microfiber cloth. Repeat process until desired finish is achieved.



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