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Solo- 1 Step Polishing Compound

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Our revolutionary single step polish and paint correction compound eliminates the need for multiple abrasives to revitalize and correct paint.

Solo's unique buffing and polishing compounds change size during the buffing process. Initially the particles are larger which helps remove imperfections in paint like oxidation (dead paint), scratches and staining. As the buffing process continues the compounds get smaller until disappearing, providing the finest finish possible. Solo completely replaces the "old way" of correcting paint which was commonly referred to as the "down step process".

While effective in revitalizing paint, it was inefficient and required several separate buffing and polishing products, pads and steps to achieve what Solo Paint Correction Polish can do in 1 step. 

  • Solo easily removes oxidization, micro scratches, embedded dirt and stains to revitalize the painted surface.
  • Solo saves time and money by combining the power of multiple buffing and polishing compounds into one easy to use product.
  • Solo creates 70% less dust than other buffing compounds for easy clean-up.

Have a question about paint revitalization? We're the experts and literally do this every day. So give us a call. We are happy to help!

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