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Dry Wash Pro
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$ 8.95 $ 1,500.00

High Performance liquid Cleaner for Interior & Exterior use

How are your leading edges looking? 

  • Contains no wax
  • Cleans and Sanitizes Hard Surfaces
  • Safe for Painted Surfaces
  • Safe for Metals
  • Great for Counter Tops
  • Great for Polished Wood
  • 100 % Streak Free
  • No Water, no rinse clean
  • Spray on wipe off
  • Cleans off encrusted bugs.

Achieve a streak free finish without water. 

***Carry Dry Wash Pro In Spray Bottle for Quick touch up on Leading Edges while Flying***

For hard to remove soot build up on turbo prop aircraft or painted and metal surfaces on all aircraft add our Turbine Soot Master.  Turbine Soot Master will clean soot encrusted surfaces with with a minimal effort and is safe for all surfaces.




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