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Post Flight Multi-Use (Wash & Wax)
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High Performance Interior & Exterior liquid cleaner and polisher.

Need to clean and polish all at the same time?  Post Flight Detailing Spray is perfect quick turn solution for fast clean up and shine - NO WATER TO MIX , NO WATER TO RINSE!!!  Spray and Wipe solution.

  • Cleans interior and exterior
  • Safe on Paint, Plastic, Aluminum and Plastic
  • Wipe on and Wipe off
  • Removes Bugs, Soot, Dust
  • Removes Fingerprints and leaves surface fingerprint resistant
  • Contains "REAL CLEAN" micro waxes to restore your aircraft to its former sheen
  • Made specifically for the Aircraft Industry-but works great on luxury cars!

Wash wax all in one!

If you only carry one product with you for post flight clean up REAL CLEAN Post Flight is the perfect travel companion. Quick interior/exterior clean up spray and polisher with micro waxes will have your plane shining and ready for take off again.  Use with Advantage Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Stain Remover to touch up any in flight spills.


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