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The AMAZING Turbine Soot Master

The AMAZING Turbine Soot Master
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 Aviation's # 1 Carbon Soot Cleaner & De-greaser

Turbine Soot Master was formulated by Professional Aircraft Detailers specifically for Turboprop aircraft.

Our ready to use formula- unlike any other on the market- requires NO WATER, is safe for painted or metal surfaces, non corrosive and removes carbon soot and grease in one easy step!

Simply Spray & Wipe!

  • Boeing D6-17487 Certified
    • Certification includes Corrosion, Acrylic Crazing, Paint softening and Hydrogen Embitterment
  • Streak free formula safely dissolves carbon, grease, and oil revealing clean surface with little effort
  • Rinse Free- just Spray on and Wipe off
  • Ideal for Turboprop aircraft including PC 12, King Air and TBM, Caravan, M600
  • Use for degreasing and oil clean up on aircraft bellies, landing gear, engine nacelles and APU areas


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