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Real Shine Pneumatic Deice Boot Prep

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Real Shine Pneumatic Deice Boot Prep is a high performance aircraft deice boot stripper that easily removes old sealant with out damaging deice boots.

Use this product as the first step to revitalize aircraft deice boots to the ultimate finish. 

  • Strip old sealant and dressing
  • Reveal a clean prepped surface ready for boot and new sealant

Completely remove old sealant and dressing to prep surface for "Real Shine" Deice Boot Sealant .

Also available to purchase together as our "Real Shine" Deice Boot Revitalization System.


  1. Using low adhesive 2 inch tape, cover painted surface around boot to avoid contact with prep.
  2. Apply product liberally to a clean sponge or folded terry cloth
  3. Apply an even coat to boot in sections
  4. Lightly scrub boot to remove sealant and rinse thoroughly with water
  5. Repeat if necessary


A Tip from the Pros-

For best results when using this product, use sponge side as the applicator and abrasive side, for light scrubbing of boots to remove existing sealant.


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