It's All About the Bright Work!


Let's face it, when it comes to polish, there are TONS of options out there. So why Bright Work Polish?

  • Not only has it passed Boeing D6-17487, AirBus Aims09-00-002, AMS1650C, Douglas Aircraft CSD #1, and ASTM F 485 standards but Bright Work Polish is broken down into 3 Steps to make polishing your bright work to an amazing shine simple and straightforward. No need for 10 different grades of polish to get the job done.

Below we'll break down each step of polish, and what machine and buffing pad you will need to get the job done right!

Bright Work Step 1: Red Polish 

Designed to remove heavy oxidation and scratches. Apply a small amount with our Buff-Pro Model JF180 and a Heavy Cut Wool Pad, and work surface until a clear mirror like surface appears. Steps may be repeated if required


Bright Work Step 2: White Polish

Especially in cases of extreme scratching, Red Polish will need to be followed up by White Polish. The middle man per say. Continue using the BuffPro with your heavy cut wool pad


Bright Work Step 3: Blue Polish 

The Final Finish! Blue Polish is used to diminish any scratching left from the cutting of the Red Polish. Apply with our BuffPro SLW Finishing Pad for larger areas.

For Inlets and small creaveses, use our Cyclo Model 5 with our Blue Pads and Flannel Cloths

Step 4: Enjoy Your Beautiful, Swirl-Free Shine!





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