The Dirt on Turbine Soot

When operating aircraft such as a King Air, TBM or Meridian there is one unfortunate and unavoidable problem affecting all turboprop operators, CARBON SOOT.

Soot is a greasy substance formed in fuel rich environments such as the combustion chamber or exhaust pipe and is produced by the incomplete burning of jet fuel. Soot includes the fine black particles, mainly composed of carbon and can even consist of acids, chemicals, metals, soils, and dust. This byproduct creates unsightly marks and discoloration on aircraft exterior and exhaust stacks. Temperature changes during flight only worsen the adhesion of soot to the exterior of the aircraft.

The best solution to combat the negative effects of soot build up are to remove and protect.

Now, you may be thinking there is no easy way to remove this stubborn contaminant.  Removal of soot from engine exhaust with the help of Turbine Soot Master can be done with just a terry cloth and Turbine Soot Master Spray. 

No water needed.  You read that correctly. Turbine Soot Master is waterless.

The video below demonstrates just how easily the soot can be removed.


Removal is recommended to avoid build up and avoid increased severity of soot.

 Purchase Turbine Soot Mater directly or give us a call at 888-944-6357

Available in 16oz spray bottle, 32 oz, 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

Turbine Soot Master is BOEING Certified. Safe for painted surfaces and aluminum.

A ceramic coat applied to a clean aircraft surface will also significantly protect your turboprop and reduce time spent removing the unsightly build up of soot.  Ceramic coating also protects against harsh UV rays and prolongs the life of the paint.

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